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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Reunion Tour??
Wow! I felt so inspired when Wosy told me she'd come back to bloggie land. It's been so long since I've been here as well..... I have that feeling that you get when after a few years you decide to strike out and drive to the old 'stomping grounds'. You know, those old familiar streets lined with the same old tired houses with the same old couples sitting on the front porches sipping iced tea in the summer time. Ok, ok.... so maybe that's a southern thing. But thinking about it I really can see the country roads lined with dried out corn fields and tobacco plants ready to be taken in. GAH! I am such a country girl.

So anyways, what's been going on?!! I miss the old peeps; I do. I've been working at my friend's video store that she bought in May. It's taking some serious time and work to get it organized but I think she'll be ok. Yeah, yeah I admit it has given me a reason somewhat to stall again from putting in resumes at the medical places. I just don't know if I'm ready for that yet, tho I printed out some last night and am dropping some off in the morning. We'll see what the cosmos has in store for me.

Oh! Funny thing happened; two weeks ago I won free tickets to a Train concert. On the way to work I was listening to the radio and the guy was saying, be the 6th caller to win (at the time I didn't even know what the prize was). So the thought goes through my mind, call... just for shits and giggles! So I picked up the cellie..... dialed the number....... and all I can hear is heavy fucking static. STATIC! You know, like the kind where whenever anyone on the other end speaks it sounds like someone underwater yelling through a microphone. So I turn up the radio thinking, hell no......... he just didnt' answer my call. Sure enough; I hear myself on the radio say "Alright!" (I said it to test if it was really me; man did I feel like an idiot doing that.) So here I am trying to answer the guy's questions, which I could not hear at ALL over the phone but which I could barely hear bits and pieces of on the radio (which I couldn't turn up cuz it would make the phone squelch). Ugh. I sounded like a complete drunken ass. But hey! I got free tickets woohooo!

The concert was pretty good. I haven't been to a concert in sooooooo long. I think it's sort of a passing teenage fad to a degree. That, and well.... who wants to pay almost 100 bucks for 3 hours of entertainment? Not me, that's who. Leave it to the preppies who can afford it. heh.

In other news, I'm so proud of my whore for sticking with the gym! YOU GO GIRL!!! Damn yo, I wish we lived closer. I so need to take my fat ass up there with you and blubbercize. hehe. We have been walking a good bit tho and things are starting to really get better again. My little weight loss group and I have started some really awesome projects that have been inspiring us to do better and also it's really help to improve our personal attitudes about things in general. So I'm glad of that. And it's great fun to get together so much and do things together. :)

OH OH OH the big news......... one of my VERY GOOD friends from Australia is coming to visit in October! I'm so excited for her...... the first trip to the states and she's going to be meeting a LOT of people that really care about her. She's the best, seriously... and yeah, I can't wait to torture her with all of our deep southern ways hehehe. She's gonna think we're all bonkers for sure. And oh my god people, she is one of the absolute funniest people I've ever met. Which is, of course, why we get along so well. Insanity is contagious I think. Ok, that's all for now. Try to be back sooner, I promise!


Thursday, July 13, 2006
I've almost forotten about this place..
It's been forever since I've felt like posting. I don't even remember what brought me to this place again, but here I am, blathering.

Maybe I should tell you of my gym experience. I recently joined a gym about 3 weeks ago, and it's co-ed. I was leery about the whole thing because honestly, I didn't want the menfolk staring at my bouncing blubber. And trust me, it's a bouncin'. I joined it for the aerobics, and unfortunately the aerobics floor shares a floor with the free weights. This of course means that while the menfolk are lifting weights the size of me, they can also stare at us sweatin to the oldies.

Ok no, I'm not really doing any kind of Richard Simmons act, actually it's more of Tae-bo some days, step aerobics others. AND IT IS TORTURE! I'm pretty proud of myself though, I'm up to going 5 days a week. Three days of aerobics, and two days of weights.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in for a fast and yet satisfying entry. Yeah baby I know how you like it.


Monday, February 06, 2006
Just a quickie to keep those of you I haven't talked to in a while informed. (Yes Crissy, I hope you are able to read this. LOL)

Everything's going great here. Class is going well, just a few more weeks and I'll be certified in a whole handful of shit. That's always good!

I'll have a nice week at the beach (which is why I am posting now). I'm looking forward to it. There's quite a few places I found out about down there that I'll be exploring. :) I will be home for a few days off and on, for school and such, so I might drop some pictures onto my flickr account.

Paganfest is coming up and the evil plotting is already underway. BWAHAHA. I can't wait!!

Oh and the new fixation........ Texas Hold Em. Yes, my whore and I have been squirreling away fake monies at our favorite poker spot and so far we are doing extremely well. Woohooo!

So have a great couple of weeks everyone and keep on rockin! :)


Monday, January 30, 2006
Oh yeah....again

For whoever found this page by searching for: south florida crack whore pictures - Thanks!!!

You made my day. And just because I don't want you to be dissapointed....... here's a 'crack whore picture', altho not south floridian. Sorry about that!



Sneaking In
Well hello there peoples!!! Yep, I'm just sneaking in while I have a few minutes on my hands to waste. I see that thine whore has blamed all of the pussies in her life for giving her diseases.... I assure you all that I was NOT one of them. heh.

I suppose it's sad that we haven't been keeping up with the bloggies lately, but life is what it is and eventually we'll end up back here again. We seem to keep doing things in cycles, as most people do I assume. The whore is doing alright, maybe she'll post something again soon. (I'll try to coerce her.... she's better at funny banter than I am.)

On a personal note, I am doing great at the moment! I know, surprising to hear me say that isn't it? LOL! I'm still in school, shall be finishing that up in February/March and will have quite a few certificates under my belt... so that should be a very good thing. (I'm proud of me.) I also have been doing a lot of working on myself still, on all levels. So let's give a rundown shall we?

Physically - I've been going to a gym with a friend and it's a lot of fun. This is a constant in-work project but fortunately I've finally gotten to the point where I realize it's ok to be comfortable with oneself and pursue the really important things, like what's INSIDE. lol. Oh, and as a result of some energy work I've recently had done, I'm feeling great... no lethargy, tiredness and also my circulation is much better! :)

Mentally - Great! I'm really proud of myself with this one. I've seen a big change, felt a big change and also have felt/seen the positive reflections in my friends around me. They've been a big help in grounding me. Gotta love 'em.

Spiritually - Wow. That's really all I know to say. The past few months have been power-packed I guess. Finally my 'spiritual' sister and myself have cleansed everything that was once bad between us and it's hard to explain what's happened. There's a connection there that is sometimes spooky but is really cool. I'm lucky to have found the balancing side of myself. :)
I also had an extremely helpful weekend with my peeps in Greenville and they had such a positive effect on everything. At last I am feeling the transition that is happening and I'm completely satisfied with letting the One show me the truth of myself. AND THERE IS NO MORE FEAR!!!!!! Hallelujah!!! So thanks guys; I love you all more than you can know.

And so looking back now over the past year... all of the negative things that have come and gone: the issues that came about; the people who hurt me in some way and that I'm sure I also wronged in their eyes; the things and people that taught me lessons about integrity, honesty, loyalty and seeing the truth between emotion and reality; and most of all the swirl of chaos that overshadowed everything like a hidden wind.........THANK YOU for being my teachers and steps along the path.

With that said, my goal for this week: continue mediation at least once every other day ... get back into working with my camera on a regular basis ... and whip my whore's ass at gin!! ;) Later friendlies.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006
One year later...
I just don't know what has come over me. I haven't felt like I had anything to say and decided not to bore anyone with drivel. Everything I type I mostly end up deleting and not blogging anything at all. I guess this time I'll leave it.

I pretty thankful that at least this year, I don't have a husband recovering from surgery and cancer. That's what's been great about this time one year later.

On another note, this is also the time I lost my beloved dog. Bittersweet, but I still think about him from time to time. I kinda wish I knew what happened to him instead of him just being gone. I have a feeling he died. I don't think he's off running the wilds.

Anyway, I'm still trying to convince my whore that she should move here to be with me, but I don't think that's going to happen. She's a stubborn slut and well I just LURRVE that about her.

Last night my cat gave me pink eye. Well not really, but she gave me an allergic reaction. Why are all the pussies in my life giving me diseases?


Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Ooooh it's cold
Well hello there! Just stopping in to say yes, we're still alive. Cold, but alive. heh.

Not too much going on outside of the normal holiday frenzy I suppose. I think we all go a little crazy this time of year. I've been busy doing the shopping, wrapping, visiting thing as I know many of you have. I'm tired. UGH can't wait for January now. lol.

Good news: Xmas shopping almost done. Woohooo!

Other than good news: Just to keep you updated, the guy who had *borrowed* my shit dropped them off on the carport one day. Seems maybe he did a hit and run so that he could avoid seeing anyone. Who knows? LOL. But, as I feared, all the movies were not there. I called to tell him; he hung up. My Mother called him; he hung up. But he did say that if we sent him a bill he would reimburse us. We shall see. I'm going to buy them and send him the bill and give him a week or so to send us the money. If that fails to come through, I guess a trip to small claims court is fast approaching. I wasn't going to go this route, but after the rudeness that we've put up with well... let's just say it's more a matter of principle now. And at least I'll get my 40 bucks that way. ;)

Whore news: Yes, she's still alive too. Bitching about her man and of course, being whorish as ever. But she's good. Trying to talk me into visiting again, which would be a blast. heh. We'll see what next year brings.

That's about all for now, as I said... just checking in. Hope everyone is great and happy holidays!


Monday, November 28, 2005
Drug Induced Haze
Holy Christ! I can't believe 2005 is almost over. What a year.....

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Ours was actually very nice and for once we had a week where someone didn't try to fuck us up. heh. Hooray!!!

The mother unit and I have this tradition (as does 10,999,999 other ppl) of going shopping before the ass crack of dawn on Black Friday. *GASP* Yes, we're insane. Last year was much worse for us however, there were actual specific things that we were going for. This year wasn't so bad. There were a few things that we wanted to get, but it wasn't a big emergency if they were sold out. So we pretty much wandered around and just picked up some things as we found them. And we still ended up getting what we wanted and didn't have to fight. So it was good. Still an adrenaline rush though just from watching the crazies around us about to throw down. I'm so tickled at my $5.00 copy of Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Woohooo! We officially now have about 85% of our holiday shopping done. We had bought quite a bit of stuff early in the year for people and so we're pretty good on that. It's funny though, because of things changing so late in the year we now have extra gifts. Anyone want one? LOL. (I'd love to lay one to SJ... she entertains me so.) Ahh.... I love this time of year.

But I miss thine whore. The palm reader (scammer lying bitch) foretold a move in 3 months for both myself and the slooot. She clings to the false hope that she'll awake one morning to find me on her doorstep. Keep hope alive my cheri amour. (*snicker*) If we're lucky she will take a picture of Otto-Man and share the story of their love. It's a most touching tale. Other than that I suppose I'll have to keep seducing her away from El-Jefe each night so that we can spend hours sitting in the zone playing spades. (Her yahtzee won't work damnit. I'm having withdrawls.)

Alas, now that I go back and read this I do believe that my Nyquil, Dayquil, generic cold drug found in cabinet is making my brain kind of fuzzy. Oh well, enjoy.